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RAILREST is a joint venture between Chef Express (Gruppo Cremonini) and Railgourmet (SSP UK) with the unique purpose to manage the on board service provision for Thalys International.

On board the Thalys trains, Railrest offers at seat service to the Comfort1 passengers and operates the Thalys Welcome Bar. In the stations Paris Nord and Brussels Midi, Railrest provides platform services. Railrest also operates the Thalys Lounge and the information desk in Brussels Midi station.


CHEF EXPRESS: The European leader in the "on-board" railway catering sector, Cremonini S.p.A.'s catering division has for many years managed the catering on-board trains for the Italo-Swiss Cisalpino on the international France-Italy connection routes of the French TGVs, on the trains travelling on the Paris-Clermont Ferrand line and the trains of the so-called Ligne de Coeur, which travel on the Paris-Lausanne and Paris-Zurich routes. Furthermore, through the subsidiary Momentum Services Ltd, it manages the on-board catering services of the Eurostar Group trains connecting London's St. Pancras Station to Paris and Brussels through the Eurotunnel.

Again in France, where it operates with the subsidiary Cremonini Restauration, the Group has managed the catering and entertainment services from February 2005 on-board the French iDTGV trains on the Paris-Avignon-Marseille-Toulon, Paris-Nimes-Montpellier and Paris-Bordeaux-Toulouse routes.

With Cremonini Rail Iberica, Cremonini has also been present since 2006 on the Spanish high-speed AVE trains that travel on the Madrid-Cordova-Seville, Madrid-Malaga and Madrid-Saragossa-Lerìda-Barcelona routes.

Cremonini Restauration has also managed the catering services on 90% of the network of French high-speed TGV trains from 1 March 2009. Cremonini has conquered the absolute leadership in the sector with this contract.

Furthermore Cremonini manages the 5 logistical centres of the Paris railway stations (Gare du Nord, Gare de Lyon, Gare d'Austerlitz, Gare Montparnasse and Gare de l'Est), which arrange the handling of all trains leaving the Parisian stations and the composition of the meal trays served on-board the Eurostar and Thalys trains and some French high-speed trains.

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RAIL GOURMET was established in 1994 and, since that date, has continued to grow through providing on-board and logistics solutions for the rail industry. Rail Gourmet is 100% focused on the European rail industry and has detailed knowledge of, and experience in, running significant operations throughout Europe. Rail Gourmet companies specialise in all aspects of rail catering - from detailed logistics and supply chain management to the highly personalised care and attention required to run significant on-board operations. Rail Gourmet also provides a number of non-catering services such as Train Care (In-Transit and turnaround train cleaning) and added value management information systems. Rail Gourmet is committed to the rail industry and sees its future being the provision of on-board, logistics and other rail related activities, to train operating companies across Europe.

Rail Gourmet's parent company is SSP Group UK Limited.

This joint venture brings together the considerable strengths, skills and experience of two strong groups and has one client, one purpose and one focus: to work together with Thalys International to continually improve and develop the on board experience to the Thalys customers.

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