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About Railrest » Our commitment


Railrest has developed a company culture of customer focus in which we recognize that the only way to success is achieving excellence in customer care.
This is why:

  • We work in partnership with our client, our passengers and our suppliers
  • We encourage and support our people to positively contribute to the business
  • We empower and develop all staff to contribute their experience and imagination to deliver the best possible service
  • We recruit and select personnel solely based on the required competences, regardless of age, gender, nationality, religion...
  • We offer innovative, appropriate and safe products
  • We respect the environment that we operate in

Our Quality Management System is certified against the requirements of the ISO9001:2008 and ISO22000:2005 standards.




Railrest is part of the European Union FOOD Network. The goal of the FOOD project is to promote balanced nutrition. The goal is for restaurants to improve the nutritional value of meals served and to make choices easier for consumers thanks to better information about the improvements made.

To become a member of the FOOD programme, Railrest has taken up 7 commitments to promote balanced nutrition in the meals that we offer on board.

  • We offer vegetables as side-dish and fruits as desserts
  • We offer olives, raw vegetables and dried fruits for aperitif
  • We offer meals that are grilled, steamed or oven-baked
  • We no not offer table salt with each meal
  • We offer desserts based on dairy products
  • We offer meals with poultry or white meat
  • We offer meals with fish



We are committed to conducting our business responsibly. A fundamental part of this commitment is respecting the environment that we operate in. Waste from food packaging, choice of food products, energy consumption and paper consumption are the areas in which we have most impact on the environment and which we can control most effectively.
This is why we:

  • We aim to use food packaging and disposable tableware that is biodegradable or at least fully recyclable
  • Use food suppliers close to the Thalys destinations and favour local and seasonal products
  • Use paper from sustainable sources in our offices and to print our Thalys Welcome Bar booklet
  • Promote the use of public transport or alternative means of transport by our staff
  • Train and inform our staff to raise their awareness of environmental issues and how they can reduce their impact on the environment by using greener methods


Corporate citizenship

Railrest has signed the Charter 'Diversity/Diversiteit' to demonstrate the company's commitment to recruit and select personnel solely based on the competences to carry out the job, regardless of age, gender, nationality. We strongly believe that differences are a valuable addition to our company and that the workplace should be a true reflection of today's society.