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On-board catering

Meal Service at the Seat in Comfort 1

The trend in food consumption in Europe is towards a healthy diet which retains the idea of the pleasure of dining; increased awareness of food safety issues and the environmental and social impact of food production.

We have created our menus around a central theme "SSBB" - Simple, Sain, Bon et Beau offering meals that are in line with the latest insights in healthy dining.

In our menus :

  • We encourage use of seasonal fruits and vegetables
  • We encourage use of local / regional products
  • We encourage use of organic products
  • We use inspiration of the mediterranean kitchen
  • We avoid to use products like protected fishes or use of shellfish

In designing our food range, Railrest has formed partnerships with the caterers who supply us, a nutritionist, an expert in food design and an oenologist for our wines.