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On-board catering » Thalys Bar

A wide range of food and beverages at Thalys Bar

At Thalys Bar you can enjoy our quality range of ultra-fresh sandwiches, delicious snacks and hot and cold drinks throughout your journey. Sweet snacks or fresh fruit... we cater for all tastes at any time of the day. Come and taste the Thalys Bar.

Thalys Bar: our mission

In collaboration with Thalys, it is Railrest's aspiration to change and extend the range at the Thalys Bar; a range that is based on what the passenger wants and modern food trends.

When selecting the products, we attach a lot of importance to environmental issues by using biodegradable packages, organic products, products from fair trade sources,...

Are you vegetarian? No worries. At the Thalys Bar you will find products especially for you.

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